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Our Services

Alphatec have a standard range of products and services which are outlined below but we're more than willing to undertake any project and work with our customers to build a solution. Our gallery page shows a few examples of bespoke projects we have undertaken. Our more common services are explained below.

Messing and Toilet Facilities

Basic facilities are an essential obligation for any employer to provide for their workforce. Our dedicated messing vans offer all the necessary comforts for working in remote locations including toilet and washing facilities, kitchen and food preparation zones with microwave, sink and washing facilities. 

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Seating Options

Extra seating is very common in all van conversions. We pride ourselves in offering some of the safest additional seating in the market. In many van conversions, rear seats are simply bolted to the floor. In a crash, the impact forces can rip the seats from their mounts, severely endangering the safety of passengers. 

In all Alphatec conversions, rear seats are mounted onto a special sub frame, which in turn is securely fastened to the vehicle’s chassis cross member.

The result is an incredibly robust mount for the rear seats, making them as strong as the original, manufacturer-fitted front seats.

Our seats are safety tested and certified to M1 specification.

• Minibus Seating

• Quick Release Seat System

• Renault/Movano Floor System

• Transit Floor Systems x2

• Combo Rear Seat

• Astra Rear Seat x2

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Alphatec can design and build electrical systems to suit you. We can calculate power requirements and built a system to accommodate them. A few examples of the types of work undertaken are below

• Catering - microwaves, cookers, coffee machines

• Cold Storage - single and multiple refrigerated units.

• Lighting - Internal, external and lit signage.

• Entertainment - flat screens, DVD/BluRay players, games consoles, audio playback.

• Technology - Computer systems, audio/visual.

• Workshop - Machine tools.

• Retail - Cash Registers

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Plywood Conversions

Basic plywood conversions can often be quickly fitted whilst you wait. They are the fastest, most cost effective solution to get your van working for you.

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Storage and Racking

Storage is an important aspect of most van conversions. With limited room it's essential to make effective use of available space. Our designers can help you create a solution to fulfill your requirements.

• Tool Storage

• Lockers

• Racking

• Shelving

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Bespoke Conversions

It's your van, you know what you want. Alphatec's design team can help you to create the van to work for you. Whatever industry you work in whether it's leisure, catering, technology, entertainment or anything we'll find the solution. 

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